Corporate Financial Planning

Protection for company executives and shareholders: prevent conflicts over ownership interest, as well as protecting your company against the loss of a key executive due to sudden death or unexpected resignation that can adversely impact your company’s operation.
Employee retirement plans: retain talent by providing your employees a secured financial future

Conflicts over ownership interest, loss of a key executive, or other uncontrollable risks commonly encountered by a company that are detrimental can be managed by having a protection plan which is customized and setup by Any Insurance Services just for you.

Buy-Sell Agreement

When facing an accidental death or serious illness of a shareholder, a Buy-Sell Agreement can prevent any potential dispute regarding the return of an ownership interest.

Key Person Life Insurance

Key Person Life Insurance policy offers financial protection against the sudden death of a key executive.

Executive Bonus Plan Sec.162

Executive Bonus Plan Sec.162 is the perfect tax-saving solution for retention of loyal key executive.

Protection for Company Executives and Shareholders

Employee Retirement Accounts

Starting from June 1st, 2022, companies with 5 employees and above will be required to provide a retirement plan for the employees. There are 3 easy ways to comply with this law: having California State Government CalSavers plans, or Simple IRA retirement account or SEP IRA retirement accounts. Any Insurance Services is prepared to provide an all-inclusive one-stop services to help you with setting up, maintaining, and reviewing your plans and accounts.

Qualified Pension Plan

Many employers want to go above and beyond to provide premium retirement plans for their employees. We recommend 3 other qualified retirement plans: 401(k)/403(b), Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit plans. Any Insurance Services can help you weigh the pros and cons of these plans and find which plan offers the best tax benefits and ensure you have what is right for your company.

Employee Retirement Saving Plan