Homeowners Insurance

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  • Homeowners Insurance: not only protect dwelling, but also personal property and personal liability.
  • Landlord Insurance: mainly protect dwelling and personal liability.
  • Renters Insurance: mainly protect personal property and personal liability.
  • Condo Insurance: mainly protect personal property and personal liability.
Types of Home Insurance

This is also known as home structure coverage which helps protect the physical structure of your home such as your walls and roof. It may also cover your attached garage.

Other Structures:

Covers personal belongings inside your home such as furniture, jewelry if they are damaged or stolen.

Personal Liability:

Defends and covers you if someone sues you after being injured on your property or if you damage someone else’s property.

Loss of Use:

This coverage can help you pay for costs that you might have incur for reasonable housing and living expenses if your house is temporarily uninhabitable and is being repaired or rebuilt.

What is Covered under your Homeowner Policy?
  1. Don’t Panic! Just make sure that you are at a safe location.
  2. Prepare any pictures or receipts of your personal property.
  3. Please Contact us at 949-943-1789 Irvine Office or 626-363-2228 Rowland Heights Office. Our agents will assist you with your claim.
What to do at the time needing to file a claim?

Have Us File your Claim for you

  1. Call us at 949-943-1789 Irvine Office or 626-363-2228 Rowland Heights Office
  2. Email: claim@anyinsurances.com

File your Claim Directly with Insurance Company

Any Insurance has selected insurance companies that provide 24-hour services. Please find their contact information as follows.
Insurance Company Claim Phone Number
Nationwide Insurance 1-800-421-3535
CSE Insurance 1-888-236-5584
Kemper Preferred 1-866-536-7376
MetLife 1-800-854-6011
Safeco 1-800-332-3226
Stillwater Insurance 1-800-220-1351
Travelers 1-800-252-4633
Filing a Claim
When you file a claim, you’ll be asked to provide some basic details:
  1. Location, time of day and weather condition
  2. Any picture of damages to property
  3. Description of what happened
  4. Names and badge numbers of any officers that responded to the incident
  5. A copy of the incident report
What information do you need to prepare when filing a claim?
  • Step 1: Submit your claim.
  • Step 2: Wait for your insurance company’s assigned claims adjuster to contact you.
  • Step 3: If you haven’t heard from your claims adjuster within one week please contact us!
  • Claims Procedure
    Primary factors that determine the cost of rebuilding your home:
  • Local construction cost at the time of loss
  • The square footage of your home and the number of bathrooms and rooms
  • Type of roof
  • Any special features not attached to the home itself
  • Quality of the materials being used to finish rebuilding the home
  • Within your homeowners insurance policy, there is limited protection for your valuables. There are some cases where you might consider a Personal Articles Floater Insurance. A Personal Articles Floater provides protection for jewelry, furs or fine arts that are higher than the limits stated in your policy.
    If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, the insurance company covers your cost of housing, and meals up to a reasonable limit.
    Yes, within a homeowner's policy, it covers accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system.
    No, Earthquake insurance and Flood insurance are separate coverages. Please contact Any Insurance for more information.
  • Increase your deductible.
  • Remain Claims free to continue to earn loss free discount.
  • Bundling your auto and home insurance together to receive a multiline discount. *Please note that this offer depends on each insurance company.
  • Install safety devices such as: Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, and Sprinkler.
  • Rate increase after a claim is solely based on the insurance company. After filing a claim, you will lose your claim free discount for your home insurance. The average timeframe for a home insurance claim to remain on an account is 5 years, but this depends on each individual carrier. *Please consult with your insurance agent about this matter.
    Within your homeowners insurance policy, it is covered under your loss of use coverage. In the event that you are unable to access your home due to a civic authority mandatory evacuation, some insurance companies will reimburse your living expenses up to 2 weeks without paying a deductible. *Please refer to your policy or your insurance agent for more clarification*
    Yes, your landlord policy has a coverage for loss of rents. This coverage will help compensate you for lost income in the event that the rental property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.